Rubrics + Realtime with Don Victor

Small-Group Discussions

​Get 16 self-scoring rubrics + Realtime with Don Victor

Work directly with Don Victor and other artists in small-group discussions online. Discuss your wins and questions regarding the course. Get 16 self-scoring rubrics. A rubric is a set of criteria for grading assignments. There are unique rubrics for each assignment. As you score yourself, you get points. The more points you get, the more gifts you win.


Join the meeting that best works for your schedule. Don Victor hosts several meetings a week. You are provided a link and password to the live small-group discussions. Meet other artists from around the world.

After you order this feedback option you can select the meeting you want to join. You get to participate in 4 meetings over 4 weeks.

Get an AOC community account so you can post your completed work for feedback.

This course is closed for enrollment.